A Short Hike, Analysis. A journey with your eyes open


Tenderness and simplicity as virtues to move us to a place where we can disconnect and stop thinking, where reality is less harsh. Optimism message.

What does a headband need to be a lucky headband? These are the questions that you usually ask yourself in the world of A Short Hike, a place where you can disconnect, regain strength and return to that life that takes a pace that you do not choose, where setbacks are irremediable. Because Claire, despite her youth, needs to rest… and she doesn’t know how. You need to get away from the day to day, feel like the phone is off or out of range. Re-tune in to herself.

One day, her aunt May recommends that they go to an island that she knows very well, that she will really be able to rest and take a good rest in that complicated summer. A life that will surely keep many reminiscences with that of any of us. The virtue of A Short Hike, developed by the talented Canadian Adam Robinson Ryu, is its ability to transport us to an unknown place that feels deeply familiar. The journey, of just two hours based on reaching the top of the mountain, is the essence of the journey. And it is in the same where everything happens. The result? A well-deserved break from which we can learn many things.

Exploration and discovery, ideas that guide us to move forward

Despite the slow pace of this short adventure, everything happens very quickly. In a matter of minutes, the rest of the characters in this placid place are telling you about their problems, their hobbies, what they have lost and what they are looking for. A very Animal Crossing touch that, why not say it, suits you wonderfully. From fishing to swimming through jumping and flying. It is these last two that really give meaning to this comfortable gameplay, because the scenario is not only explored through the fish that hide in the deep sea or what is inside that chest behind a tree, but also from above. down. Verticality is the backbone of progress and, with little hints, you don’t get lost. You always discover something new.

You are lost, but somehow you know how to carry on. There is no rush, we choose how, where and when. The important thing is not to rush, but to learn everything this place has to teach us to, at the end of the day, gain momentum, run and… fly.


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