A series of books by Beatrix Rose is published in comics with “The Avenger” (exclusive)


Screen Rant is proud to announce an exciting new installment of the Beatrix Rose franchise. Based on Mark Dawson’s Kindle Direct Publishing series of novels, Beatrix Rose: Vigilante is about to take the eponymous hero into the comic book world thanks to a truly killer creative team.

Mark Dawson’s series tells the story of Beatrix Rose, a former agent of the Group of Fifteen, a secret British intelligence unit tasked with doing work too delicate for MI6. With numerical code names indicating the agent’s effectiveness, Rose’s designation as number one makes her one of the deadliest killers in the world. But Rose was betrayed by the head of her department, also known as the Master, who was involved in the conspiracy. Rose went underground after her husband was killed and her daughter was abducted, which put her on the path of settling accounts with those who had wronged her.

Dawson’s main series was told as a trilogy of stories, along with several one-off adventures for Beatrix. Now Screen Rant can exclusively announce that Rose is waiting for a completely new adventure in the form of Beatrix Rose: Vigilante, a new digital comic book series for the ComiXology Originals program. From the author of We Only Kill Each Other and Harley Quinn Stephanie Phillips and from the artist of the series “Very Strange Things: Hooligan” and Assassin’s Creed: Reflections of Valeria Favoccia, Beatrix Rose: Vigilante will give fans of the original series the intrigue and action that they used to expect from a first-class killer. Screen Rant has also received an exclusive preview of the upcoming first installment of the series, which can be read below. A fascinating synopsis shows how the former number one takes a job at the Triad in Hong Kong, and demonstrates how effective she is at murderers. Anyone who is not familiar with Beatrix Rose will get to know her very well in just a few pages.

Beatrix Rose: Vigilante is actually the first ComiXology Original comic based on the Kindle Direct Publishing series. Aside from this interesting laurel, the preview is a dynamic first look that reflects the intense action found in Mark Dawson’s original novels. Only from the preview it is clear that Phillips and Favoccia have created something that will appeal to both old fans and newcomers.

The Dawson series has been phenomenally successful, and now this new medium can attract more fans to the Beatrix Rose franchise. It is clear that bullets will fly and blood will flow, as one of the deadliest agents in fiction pursues a new prey. Those who are interested in personally getting acquainted with Beatrix Rose: Vigilante should closely follow the debut of the exciting first issue on June 12.