A series about Luke Skywalker is needed to solve the problems of the sequel trilogy


The series about Luke Skywalker on Disney+ can help solve many problems of the “Star Wars” sequel trilogy and reveal the untold story of one of the most popular “Star Wars” characters. Luke Skywalker’s exploits, in addition to the final film of the original trilogy, were initially well documented in the Expanded Star Wars Universe, where he had many adventures, trials and relationships that extended his story far beyond what was shown in the films. However, when Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the studio renamed the Expanded “Star Wars” universe “Star Wars Legends”, separating it from the new and ongoing narrative in the “Star Wars” universe after “Return of the Jedi”.

In the Star Wars Legends saga, Luke encountered the Emperor again while dealing with the dark side, founded a New Jedi Order, met and married Mara Jade, had a son (Ben Skywalker) and eventually became a Jedi grandmaster. However, in the trilogy of sequels of the Disney canon, in particular in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Luke was instead portrayed as secluded on the islands of Ach-To after his student Ben Solo dropped out of Jedi training and turned against Luke. Although Rey approached Luke Skywalker with a request for training, he refused to do so, and the sequel trilogy eventually saw his death when he traveled to the Underworld of the Force.

The portrayal and death of Luke in “The Last Jedi” sharply divided the audience, as many considered it a betrayal of Luke, which was created by decades of storytelling in “Legends of Star Wars”. In 2021, the Luke Skywalker saga was continued immediately after the events of “Return of the Jedi” in both “Mandalorian” and “Boba Fett’s Book”, and finally showed a hint of the Jedi master’s journey after the film in this new “Star Wars” narrative, which was much more in line with what fans They were hoping to see, not what they got in The Last Jedi. His further adventures and long journey on the Ach were hinted at and teased throughout the rest of the sequel trilogy, which could now be recouped in a series about Luke Skywalker, which could help fix the ship for a larger story and character issues that plagued the character, giving fans a better understanding of his path, concretizing him the story and shedding light on what he did in the years after The return of the Jedi.

The full story of Luke Skywalker has not yet been told in Canon

Luke’s journey is described in the Star Wars Legends novels, comics, and games, but the new Star Wars canon, established when Disney bought Lucasfilm, still doesn’t reveal the full potential of the character. The history of Luke’s journey to The Last Jedi goes back decades, and there is plenty of room for additional materials that could be created to fill in these gaps, many of which have already been hinted at. In Star Wars: Skywalker. what could be said. “The Mandalorian” and “The Book of Boba Fett” tell about Luke’s journey to train new Jedi, and the time between this and “The Last Jedi” is a relatively clean slate of history in the new canon of “Star Wars”, most of which can be taken from “Legends” or created anew. .

Luke’s Journey: Restoring the Jedi Can Fix the Mistakes of the Sequel Trilogy

Since the sequel to the trilogy will change the established legacy of Skywalker, a TV show about Luke Skywalker can help set a record to bring Luke’s story more in line with the version known in the chronology of “Star Wars”. Legends. While some viewers liked the subversion of Luke’s character in The Last Jedi, others felt that it didn’t match who Luke really was, especially as he was portrayed for a long period in the mythology of Legends. A Luke Skywalker series could delve deeper into who Luke became in the time leading up to The Last Jedi to explain the obvious character changes, unlike the Star Wars sequel trilogy, which obscures the character’s broader journey. A series about Luke Skywalker for Disney+ can also help correct some inconsistencies that have appeared throughout the sequel trilogy due to the fact that different creative voices have clashed from film to film without a clear idea of where the trilogy is heading.

“Star Wars” will never be able to get rid of the popularity of Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker will always be a popular character, as he acted as the first protagonist of the mythology of “Star Wars” from the very moment of his appearance, and his legacy has survived the trilogies of prequels and sequels. The interest in who Luke Skywalker is and what he did will always be important to viewers of the Star Wars franchise, as he was an important part of the original story as Star Wars followed Luke’s journey to become a Jedi.


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