a second career? Natalie Wolf wants to become an MMA fighter


Natalie Wolf (25) is changing her career again! The former member of Germany’s next top model has had a tumultuous few months. After venturing into a second attempt in the spring with her ex, entrepreneur Frank Otto (65 years old), she is now working on her first book. The content is designed to reveal some secrets and reveal hot topics. Among other things, she announced that she would talk about traumatic memories from childhood. But now she seems to be aiming for a new career: Natalie is drawn to martial arts!

In an interview with Bild, she said that during the trial session she felt a taste for the so-called mixed martial arts. “Sport has become a drug for me,” she explained. Although at first she considered herself worse than a skinny person, training quickly convinced her otherwise: “I thought you couldn’t fight like a model or a petite woman. But I realized that women are stronger today than ever.” The idea to practice martial arts came to her after her arm was badly damaged after the tattoo was removed — just like boxing.

Recently there were rumors that Natalie will take part in the new season of Let’s Dance. However, its management made it clear that a final decision has not yet been made. “It’s no secret that Let’s Dance is interested in Natalie’s participation, but other TV shows are also interested in her.”


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