A scene from the 4th Episode of She-Hulk Was Improvised, But It’s Not What You Think


The scene at the end of the credits in the 4th episode of the movie “The Hulk Woman: Sworn Lawyer” was not actually part of the script during filming. It turns out that a small moment of connection between two unlikely friends actually happened because of the amazing chemistry between the two actors in real life.

When viewers see the ubiquitous Wong (Benedict Wong) and his new partygoer Madisinn (Patty Guggenheim) chatting about drinking during the credits of episode 4 of The Hulk Woman, they can take comfort knowing that this moment came from somewhere special. As soon as director Kat Coiro saw how well they worked together, she realized she had to add something else. So she sat them down and just let them have some fun.

“When Wong and Madison [so in the original] riff with each other…? It wasn’t in the script,” Coiro said in a conversation with TVLine. “It was purely because of the comedic chemistry between the actors, and we said, ‘We have to put some cameras on these two because they’re so funny.’ Anyone who has seen this episode probably knows exactly what she means, as Wong and Madisinn immediately found a common language with the audience as soon as the party-goer from the water landed in the cozy abode of the Supreme Wizard and immediately began to spoil the “Soprano Clan”.

The choice of Guggenheim for the role of Madisin was also not some kind of happy coincidence, since there is some history with the director of this particular episode, and it seems that the surprisingly short Hulk Woman was lucky with this decision. “If you dig a little deeper into Kat Coiro, you’ll find that Patty Guggenheim is there all the time,” Coiro explained. “I’m not going anywhere without this woman. She’s a comedic genius. When I raised her [for the role of the Female Hulk], no one knew her. But then she came and auditioned for us and everyone—Marvel. managers, [including] Wendy Jacobson and Shawna Earley… [head writer/EP] Jessica [Gao] — everyone who watched this audition actually cried with laughter. Tears were streaming down their faces.”

The friendship between Madisinn and Wong (or “Vongers,” as she now affectionately calls him) is already one of the highlights of the already cheerful Hulk Woman. It’s no small feat when it follows an episode in which TV series star Tatiana Maslany twerks with Megan T. Stud, but it bodes well for the show’s future.

Who knows where the Hulk Woman will go next? But we hope that the joint adventures of Madisinn and Vongers will not end there. Hey, Wong has already appeared in almost all Marvel Studios projects, so why not add his new best friend to them?

“The Hulk Woman: Sworn Attorney” airs new episodes every Thursday on Disney Plus.


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