A Sanction To Russia Also Comes From Twitch: Russian Broadcasters Suspended Payments


Twitch said it would stop payments to broadcasters, joining the list of international companies that have sanctioned Russia for its illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Twitch, the world’s most popular broadcasting platform, joins the caravan of companies that impose an embargo on Russia due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The situation is clearly stated in an email Twitch sent to Russian broadcasters via The Washington Post.

In the letter, it is stated that Twitch will also comply with the sanctions imposed by the USA and other governments against Russia. Let’s take a look at the details of Twitch’s letter together.

“Your Twitch payments have been blocked due to sanctions”

“Payments to the financial institution associated with your Twitch account have been blocked due to sanctions. Twitch complies with economic sanctions imposed by the United States and other governments, and those imposed in response to the situation in Ukraine. These sanctions may affect your access to payments, your ability to monetize your streaming, and/or other content. may limit or affect your ability to financially support its creators.”

The post by Twitch also states that Twitch may appreciate how frustrating and difficult this situation is, and that if streamers cannot provide an alternative income, the company will do its best to pay streamers as soon as they are allowed. PayPal used to be the last remaining option for these payments, but this service is now offline in Russia as well. “I was scared and knew it could happen, but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon and overnight,” said Russian Twitch partner CommanderIvy of the Twitch sanctions.

The impact of this situation is felt throughout the Russian broadcaster community and even outside the borders of the country. “I’ve been blocked from receiving payments from Twitch, many advertisers have left the Russian market, and my Visa and Mastercard cards will soon be blocked abroad,” says Russian Twitch broadcaster Alexey Gubanov (aka Jesus AVGN).

Gubanov, who has 1.4 million Twitch followers, said he had to leave Russia because of his opposition to Vladimir Putin: “I’ve been against the Putin regime for many years, so I had to flee my country and still account for all of Putin’s terrible actions in another country. I have to give too.”