A rival feature to AirDrop came to Android devices!


We have previously announced to you that a competing feature to AirDrop will be available on Android devices, allowing easy and fast file transfer between Apple devices. Many phones, especially Wi-Fi Direct, have a similar solution, but the feature called Nearby Share, developed directly by Google, is available today.

AirDrop rival: Android Nearby Share is available!

It is stated that the feature already on Pixel and some Samsung devices will come to other devices in the next few weeks. Nearby Share works in a very similar way with AirDrop. You can quickly transfer files, images, links and other content by scanning the devices located near you.

You can change the visibility level while using this feature. You can choose to have everyone see you, some devices see you, or be completely hidden. The advantage of being private is because Google says it is possible to send and receive files anonymously using this feature.

The spread of Nearby Share, which is stated to be able to run on devices with Android 6 and newer versions, is very important. Because, it is the best competitor to date against AirDrop on iPhone and Mac since 2011.

No major updates are required to add this feature to Android devices. According to Google’s explanation, it is sufficient to update Google Play Services. In this context, it is inevitable that the phone manufacturers begin to adopt and spread rapidly and transfering large files is no longer an ordeal for Android device owners.

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