A Ridiculous Mass Effect Mistake Destroys Commander Shepard’s Movement


The Mass Effect bug seems to deprive Commander Shepard of all body functions and cause his hands to wave wildly. Mass Effect is widely praised by many gamers as one of the most exciting space adventures the environment has to offer. Creating a unique universe of aliens, AI and planets to explore, many fans love Mass Effect and are looking forward to the next game of the franchise. However, even with all these positive aspects of the Mass Effect franchise, sometimes games can turn out to be a bit buggy.

Although errors in Mass Effect do not appear too often, they are known to appear. Sometimes they can be annoying glitches that prevent the player from progressing through the story. However, in other cases, Mass Effect bugs can be quite funny. For example, one player once saw a glitch that completely changed the appearance of Commander Shepard’s eyes, as a result of which the iconic protagonist of the game had huge eyeballs.

As a playable character in the main Mass Effect trilogy, Commander Shepard often suffers the most from random errors and crashes, and the experience of a Reddit Hosslium user was no exception. Immediately after the battle with the Geth, when trying to find Liara T’Soni in one of the first Mass Effect missions, Hosslium exits the battle and discovers that their Shepard is moving quite strangely. Instead of marching forward in his usual, trained style, Commander Shepard hobbles in A pose, unable to properly aim his weapon or go for cover.

The game didn’t like it when I put away and uncovered my weapon at the beginning of the battle, and cursed Shepard from the mass effect.

Besides the fact that the animation of Shepard’s walk becomes strange, the most ridiculous part of this error appears when Hosslium tries to run with his strange Shepard. Instead of the usual sprint animation, it seems that Commander Shepard instantly becomes possessed as the main character of Mass Effect wildly and unnaturally waves his arms. According to Hosslium, this error was caused by the fact that they holstered their weapons and took them out at the beginning of the fight, which led to some kind of malfunction caused by such a fast animation following one after another.

In addition to this terrifying and hilarious mistake, there are other glitches in the Mass Effect trilogy, especially in the first game. Some of these bugs may prove useful to the player, such as the endless failure of Paragon and Renegade in Mass Effect 1, which can be used to give Commander Shepard all possible dialogue options. However, with the exception of a few exploits, many of these Mass Effect issues end up just creating some moments worthy of a screenshot or gif.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is already available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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