A Revenge Of The Juanas: Series Will Have Season 2 On Netflix?


A Revenge Of The Juanas: A Venganza de las Juanas (La venganza de las Juanas, in the original) recently debuted on Netflix and quickly reached the Top 10 of the streaming service. The great visibility of the show made many people question about the possibility of the series being renewed for another year.

So far, Netflix has not positioned itself on a 2nd season, as it is too early to determine whether new episodes of A Revenge das Juanas might be economically viable.

The platform is likely to wait for the series’ performance results for a few weeks before deciding on the future of production. However, it is important to remember that Netflix always brings surprises to its subscribers, even canceling programs that had a good playback performance.

Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the news to see if the new Mexican series will have a 2nd season.

Revenge of Juanas: learn more about the series

Vingança das Juanas is based on a Colombian soap opera, shown in the South American country in 1997. In the plot, viewers follow the story of 5 women who meet suddenly and discover they have the same birthmark.

The cast of the series is formed by Juana Aris, Oka Giner, Renata Notni, Sofia Engberg, Zuria Vega, Carlos Ponce, Iván Amozurrutia, Jorge Antonio Guerrero, Pablo Astiazarán, Fernando Becerril, Federico Espejo, Carlos Athié, Verónica Merchant, Ana Ludyvina and Mauricio Isaac.

The first 18 episodes of the series are available on Netflix.


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