A return to the time when Jason Bateman was “sensitive to provocative fiber” when directing a 10-year-old actor in “Bad Words”


From romantic comedies like “The Switch,” to sitcoms like “Developmental Delay,” to overtly convoluted crime dramas like “Ozark,” there’s no genre that Jason Bateman couldn’t handle. His skill and the skill of an exemplary actor are not hidden from anyone. However, he also proved his directorial skills. In addition to many notable episodes of The Ozarks, Bateman has also directed several films, such as Family Fang, Significant Other, and others.

His debut as a director was the dark comedy “Bad Words” in 2014. Shortly after the film’s release, Bateman spoke about the difficulties he faced and overcame in this film, especially when he directed and played alongside a 10-year-old actor.

How did Jason Bateman cope with shooting an R-rated movie in “Bad Words” with a child actor?

While the first film has its own set of challenges, the premise of “Bad Words” was also risky, and it definitely wasn’t easy to handle. On top of that, the film also starred ten-year-old child actor Rohan Chand. In an interview with BuzzFeed in 2014, Jason Bateman talked about how he handled and handled obscene scenes. In addition to the fact that the young actor was comfortable on the set, the star of “Ozark” also had to make sure that his parents were aware of every scene.

Bateman struggled to explain the context and pitch of each interaction. He even tried to assure them that “it all came from dramatic or characteristic places.” It wasn’t just for the shock value.

“We were certainly sensitive to the provocative fabric of this scene and made sure they were very, very comfortable,” the “Developmental Delay” actor illustrated.

In addition to their parents, they even had a social worker and a teacher in the studio who constantly helped them. If the scene became too heavy, the young actor was even taken from the set, a candid plot was filmed and returned back.

The film tells the story of a dirty and talkative skeptic named Guy Trilby (Jason Bateman), who never managed to graduate from the eighth grade. Using this to his advantage and finding a loophole in the charter, he joins the National Spelling Bee. It is then that he meets Chaitanya Chopra (Rohan Chand) and takes him with him on his misadventures, which are often rated as R.

What do you think about Jason Bateman’s directorial debut? Let us know in the comments. You can watch “Bad Words” streaming on Netflix.


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