A Return to The Time When Adidas Announced The Revolutionary Yeezy Partnership With Kanye West


Kanye West was once a famous star, but now the owner of the Donda Academy has just turned into a simple machine for stirring up controversy, banging his head about Jewish feelings and even criticizing his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, and all this at the expense of his expulsion from social networks and divorce from a TV star. Moreover, even Adidas broke off relations with the owner of the Yeezy brand after his anti-Semitic statements.

It is noteworthy that the global sportswear brand based in Germany decided to strengthen its position by betting on a partnership with the king of rap Kanye West. Apparently, they launched a new line of Adidas + Kanye West ties, which included everything from shoes, clothing, accessories and so on, which would be a tough competition to his previous tie brands such as Nike, and would expand Adidas sales in both directions. size and scope.

However, Ye himself led him down the rabbit hole about 6 years after he first shook hands with a sportswear brand. But do you know how it all started? Well, if you haven’t, we’re here to guide you down this alley of memories.

When Kanye West seemingly had a successful alliance with Adidas.

The introduction of the Adidas + KANYE WEST retail store line—a strategy that the Nike Jordan Brand has honed to billions in sales per year— was the most visible aspect of the new alliance. Adidas, which poached Kanye West from Nike in 2013, hoped that the improved partnership would help it strengthen its position compared to a competitor that still controls sportswear sales in North America. In 2015, while Adidas earned about $3 billion in the market, Nike’s sales for the year amounted to almost $ 15 billion.

The German company predicted huge revenues and profits from Adidas + KANYE WEST, as it was one of the most important partnerships in history. And it has certainly been a success, as Yeezy reportedly brings in 10% of the company’s total revenue.

However, Adidas canceled the partnership back in October of this year after Ye’s insulting remarks to the Jewish community and even reproaches that his brand partner supplied shoes to the Nazis during the war. If he had not provoked such disputes, the union could have continued to have a tremendous success.

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