A Return to Millie Bobby Brown Revealing How She ‘Constantly Disconnects from Social Media’


Brown was on a podcast with one of the best-selling authors and motivational speakers, Eric Qualman. The presenter told her about his position on social networks and how she perceives them as a platform. She also spoke about her own experience, which made her think about the Internet. That’s what the actress said.

Millie Bobby Brown talks about the pros and cons of social media

According to the actress, she has a certain love for social networks and pens. She said that such a platform allows her to be herself without any prohibitions and restrictions, but she “constantly disconnects from social networks.” Millie absolutely agrees that her platforms are inactive until social media becomes a place that she considers “acceptable.”

Given the current situation, it will take some time for the developing world to reach the stage where social networks will become a positive place to spread love and light. Then the 18-year-old actress spoke about the negative impact that the Internet community has on us. “It becomes so hateful, so cruel and aggressive that no young person in life needs it,” she said.

Brown has experience dealing with hate and criticism on the Internet. From hate comments to controversies like the one started by TikToker Hunter Ecimovi, the actress has faced a lot of cyberbullying over the years. This eventually led to her abandoning social media, and she decided to let her team manage these platforms.

We all want the social platform to be “more positive, less political, more fun and carefree,” as Brown said. What is your experience on social media? Have you also faced such difficulties as with Millie? Feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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