A reference to Batman’s “Little Red Riding Hood” may be the best teaser for the movie in the future


The reference to the Red Hood in “Batman” may be the best teaser of the future movie. “Batman,” directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson, begins with a boy dressed in a red ninja costume, complete with a “red hood,” who fights with his father on Halloween night, shortly before. he leaves to go for a treat. It’s about Mayor Mitchell’s son (played by Archie Barnes), who plays an integral role in the film’s theme bridge, as he loses his father on the very night he is killed by the Riddler. Later that night, Batman visits the crime scene, fully seeing the mayor’s murder and knowing full well what the deceased’s son has lost.

The mayor’s son appears in three main episodes of the film, including at the beginning, where he wears a “red hat”, as well as at his father’s funeral at the church and again during the Batman finale at Gotham Square Garden. At his father’s funeral, Bruce Wayne shows up to pay his respects and keeps a close eye on the boy as Bruce may relate to his loss. His sympathetic point of view of those who lost their own parents as a result of the murder puts Bruce in a unique position, because it shows not only his sympathy, but also his guilt and confusion because he let the boy down. After all, his whole mission as Batman was to prevent future children from suffering the same losses as him.

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This is the cornerstone of Bruce Wayne as a character, especially in comics. When Dick Grayson’s parents are killed during a circus performance, Grayson is left an orphan. Bruce adopts the boy, partly out of sympathy and partly out of guilt, eventually grooming him to become his crime-fighting partner, known as Robin. Robin’s mantle will be passed down from generation to generation, the second Robin will be Jason Todd, who will eventually be killed by the Joker, and then resurrected by Yama Lazarus, adopting the former image of the Joker, the Red Hood, this time as a pistol. total vigilante. It is possible that this future Robin may be the mayor’s son, and the red ninja costume is an early omen of his final fate. Of course, there is also a comic book canon about Dick Grayson becoming Nightwing, so it will be interesting to see which direction Reeves will go in if the boy is really destined to become the first Robin in his saga.

How Mayor Mitchell’s Son Can Become a Red Hood in the Batman Reeves Universe

This level of foresight is quite possible, as Reeves has shown that he makes big and small leaps in the origin of the characters in his new Bat-Verse, some of which are quite literal, and others deviate greatly from the source material. With that in mind, there’s a chance Mayor Mitchell’s son will be the first Robin in his Bat-Verse. The boy remains nameless throughout the film, which means that his real name can be infinite, and it can be any number of Robin’s established identities. Regardless of the name, the potential for the mayor’s son to be the first Robin is very good, as he has firmly established himself as a broken boy, deceived by the system and potentially seeking revenge for his father’s death. Bruce Wayne, feeling the pangs of empathy and guilt, could easily have attacked to adopt the boy to ensure a better life, as well as a path to the revenge he seeks, now under the guise of Batman’s newly changed mission towards the end of the film.

Given that the Red Hood aspect is shown at the beginning of the film, it can easily pave the traces of the boy’s tragic path from the partner of a crime fighter to a resurrected heartless vigilante, if Reeves really intended to make him the first Wonder Boy in his Bat-Verse. Ultimately, this will be a journey that will happen in the third or possibly fourth Batman movie in the Reeve saga, as it would be too early to become a Red Hood, at least as he is depicted in comic form in the first sequel. The Batman. However, it is quite possible that the red ninja costume was created specifically and was supposed to be the first “bread crumb” for the boy on this journey.