A real former enslaved man from Denmark of the External Banks on which the Shadow is based


Most of the knowledge about the Outer Shoals treasures is fabricated for the show, but Denmark Tunney is actually based on a real-life former enslaved man from Charleston, South Carolina named Denmark Vesey. The first season of “Outer Shoals” tells the story of adventurous teenage characters – Pogs — on the beaches of the Outer Shoals in North Carolina, who go on a treasure hunt to find $ 400 million worth of gold left over from the shipwreck of the 1800s. The second season follows the same children, John B., Sarah, JJ, Kiara and Pope, who discover new treasures of the sunken “Royal Merchant”, including the secrets of the sole survivor of the shipwreck, Denmark Tanny.

Outer Banks was a breakthrough for Netflix during the first two seasons, winning loyal fans and even breaking some viewer records for Netflix during the initial release of season 2. In the era of extremely popular detective series for teenagers, such as “Very Strange Cases”. Outer Banks managed to use its exciting storyline, rich setting and cast to stand out from the crowd. However, perhaps most important is how the series incorporates real-world knowledge into its core puzzles.

In the fictional story of the Outer Shoals, Danny Tenney is one of the first wealthy residents of the area, a former enslaved man who worked as a cook aboard the Royal Merchant until it sank. Tanny was the only person who survived the shipwreck, bringing many of the ship’s treasures to land to build a community in which he freed other enslaved people in North Carolina. His sprawling estate is now known as Tannyhill, where Ward Cameron of Outer Banks and his family live in the island’s wealthy eight.

A real historical figure from Denmark’s External Banks, Tunny is based on

Tanny’s Denmark is inspired by Denmark Vesey from South Carolina, a black activist from Charleston who was born into slavery somewhere in the Caribbean in the late 1700s and eventually found freedom after winning the lottery at the age of 32. Tunny, unsuccessfully tried to buy the freedom of his wife and children. Both the fictional Tanni and the real Vesey are well-known activists and leaders in their community as freedmen. Vesey founded the African Methodist Episcopal Church, which is similar to Demark Tunney of Outer Banks, who founded a church on the island to meet other enslaved people he freed (this also turned out to be the place where he hid the Santo Domingo Cross).

Considering that part of the second season of “Outer Shoals” also takes place in Charleston, where the Limbri kept Danny Tanny’s wife and children as slaves, the connection between the two men is not accidental. Vesey and Tanny also met their demise in a similar way: due to a conspiracy of wealthy white slave owners who had shares in their families’ property. Vesey was executed for allegedly planning a large—scale slave uprising to free his family, and Tenney for trying to free his wife and children, and was eventually hanged after burying his wife’s bones under a tree in the Outer Shoals.

Denmark Vesey never got rich and did not suffer a loud shipwreck, but his story and tragic death, reflected in Denmark by Tunny, contribute to the growth of conversations on External Banks about racial and property inequality. Now that the Netflix TV show has revealed that Papa Hayward is the likely heir to the Royal Merchant’s treasures as a direct descendant of Danny Tunney, the series is likely to put a lot more effort into discussing his backstory and what it means for the family reclaiming Tannyhill. The popularity of the Outer Shoals may also inspire Charleston historians to do more research on the history of Vesey’s Denmark and its impact on Southern race relations in the Carolinas.

Everything We Know about the Outer Shoals, Season 3

The third season of “Outer Shoals” was confirmed by Netflix in December 2021, but an official release date has not yet been announced. Production of the new season began in February 2022, when the cast of Outer Shoals (which still includes the main characters Madeline Cline, Chase Stokes, Madison Bailey, Rudy Pankow, Jonathon Daviss, Carlacia Grant and Drew Starkey) was again shown on set in Charleston. Based on the schedule of previous seasons, this production schedule means that the release date of the third season of “Outer Shoals” could come at the end of 2022, if everything goes smoothly.

As for the plot of the new season, the key factor in moving forward should be that John B.’s father turned out to be alive in the finale of season 2 of the Outer Shoals. Now he’s involved in the search for the Shroud of Turin, so this treasure hunt will probably also be the main story arc. However, most of the third season of “Outer Shoals” is still in limbo, as the showrunners of the series have admitted that they do not have a master plan for where it is going, although they have ideas on how to continue “Outer Shoals” for another season or two. after 3.