A Qdoba Customer Was Horrified to Find a Nose Ring in Her Burrito


A Qdoba customer went viral on TikTok after she bit off her burrito and found an employee’s nose ring inside.

TikToker Sydney was horrified after she bit off a burrito only to feel her teeth clench a piece of metal that turned out to be a piercing in the nose of a Qdoba employee.

“I know you fuckers are fucking lying,” she began in her 14—second video, which quickly went viral, gaining over 3.7 million views.

“I know my mouth looks dirty, but there was a nose ring in my burrito! Ah! Ah!” she screamed, trying to get the nose ring off her finger.


Qdoba, I need my answers. THIS WAS BEYOND TRIGGERING #fyp #trending #food #fastfood #fastfoodlife #fastfoodworkers #qudoba #chipotle

♬ original sound – Sydni-danyelle

TikTok users in the comments were outraged by what Sydney found in her food, and one of them said: “I’ll never get over it, I’ll feel dirty for the rest of my life.” Another said, “I would literally be sick everywhere.”

Sydney shared the update in a follow-up video in which she said: “I’m in Qdoba and I’m going to take it back.”

TikToker held the nose ring up to the camera. “These are my teeth,” she said, showing the curve of a piece of metal. “People ask me if I finished my burrito? No, s**a, I didn’t finish the burrito.”

The camera then returned to Sydney sitting in her car after she entered the store. “I took him away and the woman was there, she said: “Oh my God, I’m so sorry I’m so embarrassed,” she shared.


Update #fyp #fypシ #fastfood #fastfoodhouse #fastfoodworkers #fastfoodlife

♬ original sound – Sydni-danyelle

Sydney explained that the employee claimed that while she was working, her husband wet her face because she was sweating. When she went to check her nose ring to put it back in her nostril, she allegedly accidentally pushed it out.

As a result, the buyer received compensation in the form of a plate of burritos and a Qdoba coupon for one free dish. “So I think whenever I want to come back, if I want to come back, mmm, I can get something for free,” she said.

Many viewers thought that Sydney had “groped the bag” by agreeing to a free meal. Others wondered why she wanted to eat food from this store after the incident.

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