A Psychedelic Honeymoon? TikToker Claims To Have Eaten Magic Mushrooms With Kanye West and Bianca Censors In Utah


Kanye West had more than a Censor overload during his honeymoon in Utah. Singer Donda, who divorced Kim Kardashian, hit the headlines due to the fact that just two months later he married his employee Yeezy. While the whole world was speculating about his whereabouts, he was spending his honeymoon in Utah at a luxury resort with his beloved.

Now, while the celebrity was enjoying his private time, his actions somehow continued to leak to the media. Along with luxury and relaxation in a huge property, he probably also indulged in something wild and psychedelic. At least, that’s what tiktoker said in his recent post, and it intrigued people.

Tick Toker explains his Mushroom Picking journey with Kanye West and Bianca Censori

TikToker recently talked about his mushroom experience with Kanye West. According to Your Tango, the woman claimed she had mushrooms with singer Donda and his new wife Bianca Censori. Teresa Esmezian, who has a @shop_noomms account on Tik Tok, is known for promoting the psychedelic mushroom company she founded. They were at the luxurious Amangiri resort in Utah, where the newlyweds were enjoying their honeymoon.

Since the news of Ye’s wedding was still a secret from the world at that time, TikToker approached the couple out of curiosity. During a 30-minute conversation, the two couples discussed politics and religion, after which Ye asked Esmezian what they were doing there.

“So I keep explaining to him how I’m photographing my new mushroom company,” she said during the video. After that, the 27-year-old Yeezy employee explained that she would also take mushroom-based pills to treat ADHD. The two couples then took the magic mushroom medicine, and the celebrity couple were apparently satisfied with the experience.

Ye advised TikToker to take his ring as inspiration for the product packaging. Esmezyan’s husband suspected that Ye had married this woman because Pastor Ye was making the same ring for her. He asked the Censor to take the woman’s number. She later texted the entrepreneur to thank her for the bottle.

Ye has not responded to this story or anything else for the past few weeks. What do you think about Ye and his new bride, who decorated their honeymoon with mushrooms? Comment on your thoughts.


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