A prototype of the legendary stealth game Thief 2 has appeared


Arkane Lyon’s level designer, Romain Barrilliot, uploaded several images, and also told some details about the prototype of the Thief 2 game from Looking Glass 2000. It’s quite interesting that this has surfaced now as a leak of early iterations. it’s been thick and fast lately. There are leaks of Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay videos, and early iterations of the Steam Deck are also being shown, not to mention leaked footage from Diablo 4 doing the rounds.

The discovery of Barrillo is another example that can be added to this growing list. For those who may not be old enough to remember, the sequel to Thief: The Dark Project of 1998 is considered one of the best steampunk games of all time, along with Dishonored, a game inspired by the classics. A stealth series developed by Arkane Studios. The first two parts of Thief helped shape the genre and remain loved by many to this day.

That’s why the discovery of the Thief 2 prototype will be of great importance for many gamers, especially for those who are older. According to PCGamesN, Barrilliot recently took to Twitter to discuss his findings, uploading several screenshots that show early versions of the famous sequel. There are some notable and interesting differences between this version and the retail version, such as the lack of resources in the levels, enemies stuck in T-poses, and perhaps most intriguing of all, the turrets from System Shock, which were used as placeholders before the mechanical options were implemented. .

When asked about the possible download of the prototype, Barriyot refused to leave a link, citing “potential legal reasons” not to do so. However, a quick search should show where to get it. Considering that Thief 2 is considered one of the best stealth games of all time, it left a noticeable mark in the early days of computer games, and no doubt many will be curious to see what this early version of the game looks like and how it is played.

It’s a pity that these classic games have not been released on consoles, they are only available on PC. The first two parts are quite significant, and the third part, developed by Ion Storm, was just as well received. Given that games like System Shock are getting an official remake, perhaps the beloved Thief games will one day be able to return triumphantly, especially since the 2014 release did not quite reach the mark that the other three did.

Thief 2 was released in 2000 on PC.


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