A protective order was issued after Ezra Miller allegedly groomed a teenager, but it seems no one can find an actor to serve them


In the last couple of months, Ezra Miller has been in the news with arrests and other reports of destructive behavior and assaults. The most recent problems for the star of the upcoming DC movie “The Flash” arose because of their friendship with teenager Tokata Iron Eyes, as a result of which Iron Eyes’ parents filed a protective court order in response to Miller’s alleged courtship and abuse. In the latest update of this ongoing story, the problem seems to be that no one can find Ezra Miller to hand over said documents.

The parents of Chase Iron Eye and Sarah Jumping Eagle accused Miller of physical and emotional abuse, psychological manipulation and intimidation of their 18-year-old daughter Tokata, according to The L.A. Times. When and if Miller is successfully served with this protective order issued by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Court in North Dakota, a hearing will be held on July 12 for them and Tokat Iron-Eyed to “weigh in” on this issue. There is also a 30-day period during which Ezra Miller must refrain from contact with any of the family members, as well as stay outside the 100-yard distance from their home.

This is the latest account of Ezra Miller’s upsetting behavior after reports of his rumored outbursts on the set of an upcoming solo film about The Flash. The behaviors they reported were the cause of concern and numerous discussions in the outside world. It got to the point that the rumors that Warner Bros wanted to replace Miller in the whole movie did not disappear.

Of course, the set of a DC/Warner Bros. comic book movie. — not the only place where their behavior was destructive. Within a month, Ezra Miller had previously been arrested twice in Hawaii, the first of which was a case of “hooliganism and harassment” in a karaoke bar. In the case of Miller’s second recent arrest, the charges related to second-degree assault at a private gathering.

Although Warner Bros has previously denied rumors about a potential replacement for Ezra Miller in The Flash, this question will undoubtedly arise again. With the emergence of claims that the role of Amber Heard in Aquaman 2 may be completely cut out of the sequel, it’s not that far away.

The fears of Chase Iron Eye and Sarah Jumping Eagle are justified, because all any good parent wants is to protect their child. Although Tokata Iron Eyes has stated that she is in Ezra Miller’s company of her own free will, she and Miller are given the opportunity to tell their side of the story. All that is worth wishing for is for this couple to reappear in the name of a safe and civilized solution to these pressing problems.

Currently, “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” will be released on March 17, 2023; with “Flash” due to debut on June 23 of the same year. Filming of both films has been completed and will continue as expected, unless Warner Bros and DC decide otherwise.