A Predator Legacy character who Could play a Role in Prey


The Prey setting will make it difficult for any other predator characters to make cameos, although one invisible hereditary figure may suddenly appear. The original “Predator” had a fantastic lead, and the film was a sci-fi update of the poem “Beowulf” in the horror genre. In it, a group of elite soldiers took on an alien hunter, and director John McTiernan took what could have been a silly B movie and turned it into a classic action movie. The original “Predator” mostly kept its titled hunter in the shadows, but later recordings and additional materials concretized the mythology of this species.

The famous Easter egg “Alien” from “Predator 2”, in fact, marked the beginning of the “Alien vs Predator” franchise, and in “Predators” 2010, hunters took the best warriors from planet Earth and threw them on a special “game” planet. Unfortunately, “Predator” 2018 from director Shane Black turned out to be a disappointment, as the sequel suffers from sloppy pace and lack of cohesion. “Predator” wasn’t a bomb, but it failed to launch the planned sequels. The next film will be Dan Trachtenberg’s “Prey,” a prequel set in Comanche country, where a female warrior Naru (Amber Midtander) fights a ferocious alien hunter.

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While it may be a prequel, the premise of Prey also feels like a semi-remake, as the film takes the concept back to basics as a lone warrior is left to fight a seemingly unkillable hunter. Considering that Prey takes place in 1719, this makes cameos of such franchise heroes as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch or Harrigan from Predator 2 (Danny Glover) almost impossible. However, the trailer for “Prey” showed that in addition to the Naru tribe, the hunter will fight with beastmen. This means that Prey can probably do a Predator 2 callback and introduce the owner of Harrigan’s “trophy” flintlock pistol, Rafael Adolini.

In the finale of Predator 2, Harrigan tracks the Predator to his ship and kills him after a grueling battle. The detective then encounters a ship loaded with a large number of hunters, but instead of killing him, the older “Grey” allows Harrigan to leave and gives him a gun engraved with the date “1715”. A comic called Predator: 1718 later revealed that Adolini was a pirate who met and fought alongside a young Grayback, who gave him a flintlock before his death.

However, Prey can change this and make Raphael Adolini himself part of the hunters who encounter the Predator. Not only would it be an elegant way to tie a prequel to the franchise as a whole, but it could also pay off with the protracted mystery of Predator 2. Trachtenberg has shown himself to be a fan of the series, so it’s unlikely that the opportunity to pay off Adolini’s flintlock eluded him when developing the script, but time will tell whether Prey will take this approach.