A powerful 5G compatible phone comes from LG


LG is preparing to launch a powerful mid-range phone. Traces of this smartphone have also been found on the Google Play Console. The phone, with the code name “acexlm”, is expected to become official under the LG K92 name.

The phone has powerful features such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 processor, 6 GB RAM and Full HD + display. It is worth noting that this screen has a round camera hole on it.

Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 690 processor with the X51 modem. The company announced that its goal with this processor is “to make 5G more affordable for users around the world”.

LG’s homeland, South Korea, is currently one of the largest 5G markets in the world. Therefore, it should not be surprising that LG is working to increase the 5G device options it offers here.

The LG K92 will feature a 64-megapixel main rear camera and a fingerprint scanner built into the edge. The smartphone is expected to hit the market first in South Korea and then in other countries.


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