A potential Minecraft combat update would be a great time to get back to Fletching tables.


The Wild update has finally been released, which gives Minecraft players completely new swamp adventures and cave dives. Mangroves and frogs offer players a more dynamic swamp experience than ever, while the Deep Dark biome offers a creepy new adventure that even the Edge or the Underworld can’t match. Of course, now that the latest Minecraft update has been released, fans are starting to look to the future. Mojang has many pending features in development, and although any of them may inspire the inevitable 1.20 patch, it is quite possible that the announced Minecraft combat update will take the 1.20 slot.

Mojang has previously stated that she is interested in reworking various elements of the Minecraft combat system, which sounds like a great way. Combat is the main part of the Minecraft Survival gameplay, so it should be regularly developed along with the rest of the game. However, fencing is not all Mojang should focus on. Feathering tables have not had any functionality on the player’s side for many years, which teases Minecraft fans who prefer onions. This archery-related block should finally get some special crafting opportunities in the next major Minecraft update, especially if the next update is dedicated to combat.

The Minecraft fletching table was ignored

The feathering table was added to Minecraft as part of Patch 1.14, better known as the Village and Pillage update. As the name suggests, Village and Pillage was largely focused on adding additional features to Minecraft villages; this included the addition of many new neighborhoods that served as jobs for the villagers. Many of these blocks are extremely useful even outside the village, such as composters that turn plant waste into bone meal, or stonemasons that process stone blocks more efficiently, but feathering tables are launched with no benefit to the players other than hiring shooters.

After the release of version 1.14, Mojang promised that someday feathering tables would find use outside villages, but about three years later, feathering tables are still almost useless. It’s a shame to see that the feathering tables have faded into the background, especially considering how useful many of the other Village and Pillage blocks have turned out to be over the years. Admittedly, the existence of arrowheads in Minecraft complicates the idea of a new use of feathered tables a bit, but there are still some clever ways that Mojang can encourage Minecraft archers to put a feathered table in their workshop.

Possible use of the table for Minecraft plumage

Perhaps the simplest possible use of a feathering table is to make arrows with tips that can only be made with a feathering table. Similarly, Minecraft has opened up a new opportunity to create banners in the Java Edition using a loom. However, it would be more interesting if the feathering tables helped players make new arrows without using potions. For example, feathering tables can allow Minecraft players to create “tricky arrows” that place certain blocks when colliding with a crowd or the ground. Players can spend the red stone the same way the Minecraft enchantment table spends lapis lazuli to make ingenious arrows that place cobwebs, cacti, or even burning TNT.

Alternatively, feathering tables can be used to modify bows and crossbows. For example, players can find ways to strengthen this weapon by increasing its strength or range without the help of enchantments. Modifying weapons in Minecraft would be a bit unorthodox, but since bows and crossbows don’t have material levels like swords or axes, a modification system could give this weapon an advantage. Whatever Mojang decides to do with the feathering tables, these blocks seem like an ideal feature to return to in a combat-oriented update. Mojang may have mostly discussed plans to recycle melee weapons, but ranged weapons are just as important, so it’s time for the lead tables to get the functionality they deserve.

Minecraft is already available for mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.