A Possible Symptom That Is Common In Corona Patients Appeared


Some of the key signs observed to find out if you are infected with coronavirus continue to be spoken every day. A new one was added to symptoms such as high fever, difficulty breathing, and weakness, which were described by experts as symptoms of the virus. A nurse claimed that red eyes are also an important symptom for COVID-19.

New information and claims continue to come up every day about the coronavirus, which affects the world and causes many people from various countries to die in a short time. It is now known that coronavirus has various bad side effects and symptoms, from fever to dry cough, from weakness to breathing difficulty. As the disease is recognized and new patients are experienced by specialists, new symptoms constantly appear.

New symptom eye redness
Nurse Chelsey Earnest, who works at the Life Care Center in Washington, the capital of the United States, claimed that the ‘most important’ sign in patients having COVID-19 is the rash. Earnest, in an interview with CNN, noted that eyes are noticeable in allergic symptoms in patients infected with coronavirus. According to the nurse, the white part of the eye is not red in patients, it looks as if there is a red eye shadow on the outside of the eyes.

Let’s add that Earnest’s warning comes shortly after experts explain that pink eyes or conjunctivitis develops in about 1 to 3% of people with coronavirus. The statement of the American Academy of Ophthalmology is as follows: “If you see someone with red eyes, do not panic. This symptom does not mean that the person is infected with coronavirus. ”

Experts agree that the virus can spread through the eyes of an infected person or objects carrying the fluid by touching it. Based on this, the spokesperson of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Dr. “It is important to remember that, although there is a lot of concern about the coronavirus, common sense measures can significantly reduce your risk of infection,” said Sonal Tuli. So, wash your hands very well, pay attention to lens hygiene and avoid touching or rubbing your nose, mouth and especially your eyes. ” In our country, we will continue to convey to you all the news that will come in these days when incidents and casualties start to increase.


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