A policeman’s license was revoked for an attempt to cheat with Pokemon cards


The former officer admitted that he substituted barcodes, trying to buy cards at a lower price.

A US police officer has been “fired” for swapping barcodes on boxes of Pokemon cards in an attempt to buy them at a lower price.

According to The Kansas City Star, according to court records, William K. Knight was charged with one count of unlawful act using a protective device to detect theft.

The officer, who worked at the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office in Kansas from March 2019 to May 2022, was in uniform when he bought Pokemon cards.

He was buying several sets of Pokemon cards at the self-service checkout when the guard suspected something was wrong and approached him.

Knight said he had to leave on a “call,” but was later identified and admitted to removing barcodes from cheaper items he had at home before placing them on Pokemon cards to buy them at a lower price.

According to the records, the total retail value of the cards was about $394 (334 pounds sterling). While the officer avoided criminal charges, the Kansas Commission on Standards and Training of Law Enforcement Officers determined that Knight “lacks the personal qualities of honesty,” and last month his license was revoked.

“Unfortunately, during a time of intense stress and anxiety, he showed shortsightedness, which led to this arrest and prosecution,” Knight’s lawyer said in a statement. “Despite his dismissal from JCSO, Mr. Knight is self-employed, supports his family, and is trying to make amends to the victim, his community, and his family through the District Attorney’s divergence program.”

Earlier this year, a man was jailed after spending £44,000 on COVID disaster relief on a Pokemon card.

Elsewhere, a new Pokemon was recently revealed, which will debut in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Gimmigul, which was first discovered in Pokémon Go but failed to be caught, will have one wandering form and one where it can be found in a coin chest.

Gimmigul follows the announcement of the ghost dog Griward, while two new legendary Pokemon were also featured in the recent Pokémon Presents live broadcast.

In September, the new Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trailer revealed more about three different adventures in the open-world game.


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