A Pokemon fan has created an incredible Froakie Crochet animation


Pokemon fans have been creating illustrations based on the series for years. Gamers like to show their love for the franchise through their art, which leads to really impressive pieces. Players used many different forms of art, from paintings depicting Pokemon to non-standard figurines.

One of the ways that has been used for Pokemon artwork is crocheting. Several talented artists have made knitted dolls from various pocket monsters, creating cute works that will appeal to many. One Pokemon fan even made an animation depicting a water-type creature tied with a hook.

The Redditor, known as Kooale325, posted a short clip with an animation they made featuring the starter Pokemon X and Y Froakie. In the video, the pocket monster can be seen in the form of crocheting, with two giant glass beads that serve as eyes. The video shows how the creature was afraid of something off-screen, and then rubbed his cheek. The animation is short, but well done and quite cute. Kooale325 writes that, although they haven’t made a similar clip for a long time, gamers can follow the new Pokemon animations.

Froki! I haven’t done any of this for a long time. Stay tuned to learn more 🙂 from pokemon

The animation Froakie by Kooale325 has won several fans. One commenter said the video was amazing and asked for more. The user mentioned that the clip seemed scarier than it should be, and another replied that although the animation is scary, it’s cute. Another Redditor commented that emptiness is looking into the video, but also said it was an amazing job. Some fans may agree that Froki’s giant glass eyes are a bit creepy, but nevertheless, they are cute and give pleasure to many Pokemon lovers.

Kooale325 is just one artist who is engaged in crocheting based on the Game Freak series of games. A Reddit user under the nickname 1UpAshe posted an image of a crocheted doll that they made from a Pokemon Lechonka. This part does a great job of capturing aspects of the pig Pokemon, including its round body, pink nose, and yellow tears that flow from its eyes. The user profile states that he has extensive experience in making crocheted plush toys based on pocket monsters, and their Instragram and website showcase their latest designs. 1UpAshe also provides free templates that others can use to create their own dolls. Crocheted Lechonk is cute, and it’s a good project for gamers, which is worth paying attention to while they wait for the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on the Nintendo Switch on November 18.


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