A Pokemon fan has created a version of Heracross in the form of a ghost


Currently, there are more than 900 Pokemon in the Pokemon series in eight generations, and the ninth generation, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, is due to be released on November 18, 2022. While waiting for the release of the next game in the multi-year franchise, Pokemon fans often imagine what types of Pokemon are going to fill the pokedex in the next entry. A Pokemon fan has reinterpreted a fan-favorite Pokemon in his fan art, returning to the second generation, and this version of Heracross will surely cause goosebumps on the back of his competitors.

Hercross was introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver back in 1999 and has remained a staple of the series ever since. Heracross is often referred to as an analogue of the Pokemon known as Pinsir, which was introduced in the original generation of Pokemon. Although both of these Pokemon belong to the beetle type, the fan was inspired by the creative redesign of Heracross.

Reddit user Tniseraas06 posted his fan art on Reddit and turned a light blue Pokemon similar to a beetle into a much darker creature. The Heracross in this design is a much darker blue and has red and yellow squinted eyes. The drawing is completed by a noticeable purple ghostly mist emanating from the creature’s ears and surrounding its legs. The design resembles another classic Pokemon, known as the Gastli, and all of its evolutions.

As the user notes, this design was created solely for entertainment. Pokemon in the franchise often have several types that make up one Pokemon, and the idea that any of these creatures can become another type is enough to excite the imagination of fans all over the world, especially with the one that has been around as far as Hercross. There are currently 18 types of Pokemon, and mixing and matching them always creates interesting Pokemon hybrids. The post on Reddit received more than 6,000 votes, and the comments section is full of positive reviews about fan art.

The Pokemon series has long had creative projects for its creatures, with some of them standing out more than others, such as the Pikachu series icon. In fact, there are still unused combinations of Pokemon types, so the transition of the beetle type with the ghost type is not as far-fetched as it may seem at first glance. In fact, Shedinya, who debuted in the third generation, is actually a bug/ghost. Also, for the first time, poison/steel will appear in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. As new generations are released, unique ideas for Pokemon continue to appear, and this fan art uses outdated Pokemon to give fans an idea of what might come in the future.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are released on November 22, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch.


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