A Pokemon fan has created a unique bulbasaur art that makes it look like a cinnamon bun


A Pokemon fan has made a unique fan art depicting a Bulbasaur that looks like a cinnamon bun. The art comes at a time when the hype around the series is growing, as the first parts of the 9th generation Pokemon games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, are due to be released in November. As the games get closer to release, fans are flooding the internet with artwork based on them. Much of the recent fan art is based on the recently introduced Pokemon of Scarlet and Violet, for example, fan art featuring Cyclizar, although this Bulbasaur is particularly memorable.

Over 900 different pocket monsters have been introduced since Pokemon games were first released in 1996, but the original 151 first-generation Pokemon have a devoted fan base. These fans have been using these pocket monsters for over two decades, and one of them even came up with scientific names for the original 151 Pokemon. Of these 151 Pokemon, Bulbasaurus has become quite popular among the Pokemon community because of his cute appearance and connection with Ash, the main character of the Pokemon anime.

Reddit user GummiPeet shared an artwork depicting a bulbasaur similar to a cinnamon bun. The original poster depicting a charming Bulbasaurus in the style of cinnamon buns was loved by the Pokemon community. The original post managed to get more than 2,000 votes and several comments in less than a week. The comments section is filled with comments praising the skill of the original poster.

Cinnamon Roll Bulbasaur (OC) from Pokemon

Bulbasaurus GammiPita is mostly brown in color, unlike the green original. The bulb of the plant on the Bulbasaur’s back was replaced with a cinnamon bun covered with cream cheese glaze, and part of the Bulbasaur’s head is also covered with cream cheese glaze. Although this work is the only one of its kind, fan art depicting a Bulbasaurus is not uncommon, since the Bulbasaurus has existed since the very beginning of the series. Some of them are becoming quite popular, for example, a work of art depicting stone/fire versions of Bulbasaurus, Ivisaurus and Venusaurus.

For those who don’t know, Bulbasaurus is a four—legged grass/venomous type Pokemon introduced in the 1st generation of the game series. It is one of the three starting Pokemon of the Kanto region, along with Squirtle and Charmander. He evolves into an Ivisaurus, and his last evolution is a Venusaurus. Of the 14 Grass-type Pokemon from Pokemon Gen 1, all Bulbasaurus evolutions are considered to be among the best grass-type Pokemon of the 1st generation. Fans love to portray a Bulbasaur in their Pokemon artwork, and this one is no different.


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