A Pokemon fan has created a charming plush toy Hisuian Typhlosion


A creative Pokemon fan has just created some truly adorable Hisuian Typhlosion plush toys. The Fire and Ghost type is one of several Pokemon forms unique to the Hisui region, also known as ancient Shinno.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus reintroduced players to Sinno in a very unusual way, taking them back to the past when only a handful of people lived in this region. This dramatic shift in the setting allowed the introduction of several new forms of Pokemon, including the latest evolutions of the three starting games; Typhlosion, Samurott and Decidueye received a new secondary type and Hisei forms. These shapes, along with other Pokemon variants found in the game, quickly became a hit for many fans, partly due to their striking new design. This has led to the fact that the Pokémon Center store sells a set of official stuffed Pokemon of Hisui shape, although these plush toys do not include the starter Pokemon.

Now one fan has tried to fill in some of that gap. StudioFluff Studio has created several Hisuian Typhlosion plush toys with a ghostly flame, much to the approval of its fans. Custom-made plush toys can be seen both upright and recumbent in a series of photos posted on Reddit, which quickly brought their creator more than 2,000 votes. Hisuian Typhlosion’s floppy ears and eyes create an incredibly charming facial expression that has been recreated here with a level of quality easily comparable to that of official plush toys. Of course, it’s worth noting that this is not the first time that Pokemon fans themselves make plush toys of incredible quality.

Fan’s Hisuian Typhlosion Plush Toys are available for purchase

StudioFluff Studio has also confirmed that these Typhlosion plush toys are available in their Etsy FluffyPawStudio store. The plush ones are about 13 inches long and are available in both plain and shiny colors for $300 apiece. Plush toys made by hand to order also have a delivery time of up to 10 weeks. StudioFluff explained on Reddit that the high price is a result of Etsy’s own fees, although it still doesn’t match the prices of some of the largest official stuffed Pokemon. For example, earlier this year, Pokémon Center released a truly huge new plush toy Arcanine Pokémon, which cost at least $ 450.

It’s immediately obvious that StudioFluff is an exceptional sewer; their Hisuain Typhlosion is very accurate and extremely cute. Their choice of colors is also incredibly bright, which helps to enliven the plush flame. Although it must be said that the high selling price is something of a shame, especially considering the size of the product compared to other plush Pokemon, the fact remains that this is a handmade plush plush, there is currently no official analogue. . This alone will make it very attractive to many fans, especially when you consider that plush toys have brilliant colors. Until Pokémon Center starts selling the majestic plush game Hisuian Typhlosion, this fan-made alternative is undoubtedly a worthy replacement.


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