A Pokemon fan creates an impressive fan art showing a regional version of Lapras


A Pokemon fan has come up with his own version of the regional version of Lapras. These alternate forms were added to the RPG series in Pokemon Sun and Moon and are pocket monsters with different types and designs than their original counterparts. Several Pokemon with regional variants were introduced into the games, and in the 9th generation there were more of them.

Lapras is a type of water/ice that first appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue. According to PokeDex, this creature is used to transport people across reservoirs and is almost completely exterminated. Lapras has a Gigantamax form, but there is no evolutionary or child form. One player created a regional form for a pocket monster, significantly changing its type.

A redditor known as CraigRosnerArt posted an image of a regional form for Lapras that they came up with. The artist’s concept shows a change in the typing of Pokemon, changing it from water/ice to dragon/water. The blue-cream body of the pocket monster, as well as its gray shell, were changed in favor of various green and brown shades. Large chunks of algae drain from the creature’s shell and body, and its tail is made much longer than that of the original form of the Lapras. Its shell has also undergone major changes, as the spikes have become more prominent and sharp. This is an interesting look at Pokemon, which can easily pass for a real regional form.

[OC] Regional variant of Pokemon Lapras

The article published by CraigRosnerArt has gained some popularity and has now gained over 11,000 votes. Many users express their love for the artwork, with one of them stating that they hoped that the Lapras Pokemon would get a new baby or regional form for quite some time, as they believe that Pokemon deserve it. A number of commentators said they wanted this version of the pocket monster to be real, and one asked Game Freak to add it to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Nintendo has confirmed that gamers will see new versions of the old pocket monsters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and has currently introduced a regional version of Paldean for Wooper. The creature will change from water/earth type to poison/earth type. Whooper will still have the “Water Absorption” ability, although his second ability will be changed from “Humidity” to “Poisoning Point”, which corresponds to his new type of poisoning. Gamers will have to wait and see which other Pokemon will take on the Paldine form when the ninth generation of Game Freak role-playing games is released later this year.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on the Nintendo Switch on November 18.


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