A Pokemon collectible card game player competed with a giant Deck at the North American International Championship


A Pokemon collectible card game player named Matthew Verve participated in the North American International Championship with a deck consisting only of new huge cards, because the rules never said that he could not.

As noted by Joshua Yale of IGN, a new 60-card deck of large Verive cards was presented to the tournament judges, and they “discussed and decided that it was legal, since the card size is not specified in the rules.”

This madman took part in the North American International Pokémon TCG Championship with a 60-card deck consisting exclusively of new giant cards. The judges argued and ruled that it was legal because the size of the card was not specified in the rules.😂 pic.twitter.com/82qwN2UAuY

— Joshua Yale (@JoshuaYehl) June 24, 2022

His deck includes Pokemon such as Charizard Lance, four Pikachu, six Snorlaks, eight Eternatus, four Dubvul, several Sobbles, Skorbanni and Gruki and many others. As Joshua notes, “the funniest part of this already hilarious trick is that the Pokemon never printed any huge trainer or energy cards, so all it could do was play Pokemon, but not attack.”

Speaking of cards, here’s a deck in all its glory! I couldn’t fit it all into one picture. Improvised deck “box” on the left. pic.twitter.com/eSSOqJAwxs

— Matthew Verive ➡️ NAIC (@immewnity) June 24, 2022

As for how he performed at the tournament, Veriv said that he “lost the first game, my opponent won the second game (just to force the third game, for fun), and then checked the deck.” He then officially lost the third game and then dropped out as he “intended no matter what.”

For those who want to follow Veriv in creating a huge deck for tournament play, he warned that no one should follow him on this journey, as he expects that “the rules will be changed soon to clarify the size of the cards used.”

While Verive failed to win the tournament, Nathan O. won the junior division, Rune Heiremans won the senior division, and Azul Garcia Griego won the top division.

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