A PlayStation fan shared great illustrations for exclusive games inspired by the cassette tape


Given the popularity of recent PlayStation exclusives like God of War, The Last of Us and Horizon, it’s no surprise that creative players wanted to pay homage to these franchises — and a recent collection of posters demonstrates love for all of them. It’s curious that this PlayStation-oriented piece draws inspiration from cassettes, and all the works created by the artist are simply amazing.

Over the years, many PlayStation posters have been created and shared by fans. Some gamers have created entire sets of posters based on certain franchises or entire generations of games, while others have created alternative covers for their favorite PlayStation games. A recent collection of artwork from Reddit user PA-01 is a fun combination of both concepts, as fan posters are cassette covers based on three favorite IP addresses.

The first poster shared by the artist refers to God of War 2018, and this is an appropriate inclusion, given the imminent release of its sequel, God of War Ragnarok. The image below on the poster shows Kratos and Atreus riding in a boat, with a red tint applied to the image that helps to stand out. The same red color scheme is applied to the PlayStation and Sony logos, while the other labels on the cassette cover are black. The other three posters are made in a similar style and can be viewed here.

The last of us received one of the cassette posters, which is also time-appropriate, given the recent release of the PS5 remake. The image in question shows a green photo of Joel, in which the beloved protagonist is wearing a gas mask and surrounded by spores and vines. The Last of Us Part 2 is represented by its own poster with an orange theme. The image in question is taken from the last hours of the game, where Ellie is standing in Santa Barbara. With the way the image is framed, she looks incredibly intimidating, which is quite appropriate, given the dark path she follows in the game.

The latest game featured on one of these posters is Horizon Zero Dawn, and instead of Eloy being the center of attention, as one might expect, Long-Necked is shown wandering around a post-apocalyptic world. The fire-haired protagonist also watches the movement of the majestic beast. With a QR code presented next to the Guerrilla Games logo and a tiny description of the game, there are a lot of advantages in the artist’s special format.

With live performance adaptations planned for these PlayStation games, as well as new games in each franchise, a lot more fan art is guaranteed. However, for PlayStation fans who love cassettes and images on their packages, this set of posters will not be easy.


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