A Platform That Will Make You Feel In The Concert Hall


Harman, the world’s leading sound system manufacturer, introduced its new studio called L.I.V.E so that music lovers can participate in live performances and have a concert experience over the internet. Thanks to L.I.V.E, users will be able to participate in concerts of their favorite artists over the internet and also interact with these artists.

Due to Covid-19, concerts have not been held worldwide for almost 1 year. Hundreds of artists who could not go on tours and meet with their audience at concerts continue to give concerts online on social media platforms for a long time to both earn income and sing again.

Harman, the first name that comes to mind when talking about sound system, has developed a new system for music lovers, considering the transfer of concerts to social media platforms. Harman introduced its new systems called Interactive Virtual Experience (L.I.V.E), which can be considered as a social media platform, that enable listeners to listen to live performances in high quality.

Music lovers will be able to attend the concerts of their favorite artists and cheer

The L.I.V.E system emerges as a technology that can be integrated into automobiles. However, it can also be used on mobile and desktop platforms. Of course, many cars, especially in the luxury segment, have equipment that provides high performance in sound systems, but these systems cannot level the sounds of the crowd and applause, especially in the concert area.

Thanks to this new sound system offered by Harman, listeners will be able to participate in the live performance of the artists, and they will be able to unanimously select the requested items from the menu. At the same time, all listeners will be able to cheer and interact with the artist. Harman L.I.V.E will make the artist feel like he is in a truly enthusiastic concert hall by presenting interior visuals and lighting.

Harman also announced a new system called Personal Audio Headrest, where the L.I.V.E platform can be used. With this set placed at head level, users will experience a more realistic sound experience and make acoustic adjustments down to the finest detail. Both the L.I.V.E and the hood can be used not only in the car, but also at home or on the go.


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