A photo of Suga’s brother, both as babies


BTS’s Suga became a trend on social media after his brother shared a photo from when they were both babies.

Min Geumjae is Suga’s brother and he constantly charms the ARMY with pictures of Holly, Yoongi’s dog that the entire fandom adores. But today the idol’s older brother made a lovely post that keeps circulating on social media.

Through his Instagram account, the idol’s Hyung shared a photo with Suga, who since he was a baby looked very stylish, because in the photo he is seen wearing a pink suit and a side cap, with a lot of flow.

It is also on a furry white throne. At the scene we practically hear Baby Yoongi yelling “A to the G to the U to the S-T-D”. On the other hand, in the caption of the photo, Min Geumjae wrote: “In this endless universe, we are nothing but dust. So what is the meaning of the ending?


The beautiful relationship between Suga and his brother

As we have already mentioned in The Truth News, BTS fans often treasure Suga’s photographs, but this one has undoubtedly been unique and is now very important, as it shows a charming concept that has managed to captivate the fandom.

Finally, this shows all the affection that the older brother feels for Suga, since not only did he look at him with tenderness since childhood but the idol has made it known that even when he was going to audition for Big Hit, his brother was the only one who I knew, thus reflecting the good relationship they have always had.

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