A Photo of BTS’s Jimin With David Beckham and His Son Has Gone Viral


On January 20, BTS’s Jimin attended the fashion show of the luxury brand DIOR during Paris Fashion Week, and the least we can say is that all the attention was paid to him, despite the presence of many other world stars!

As a member of BTS, as well as the new global ambassador of the luxury brand, Jimin solemnly appeared in a stylish light gray/beige suit, attracting a lot of media attention.

Although many celebrities were present, one photo aroused particular interest among Internet users, and it showed Jimin with David Beckham and his son.

David Beckham himself shared the photo in his personal Instagram story, and the image quickly went viral on the Internet.

After seeing the photo, many netizens reacted by writing:

  • “It’s so great to see”
  • “He didn’t mention Jimin’s Instagram, lol”
  • “It’s amazing to see”
  • “That’s what it means when two worlds collide and come together”
  • “There are legends about the two best stars in one photo”
  • “Wow”
  • “I can’t believe David Beckham posted this photo”
  • ” How is this possible? “
  • “Jimin is a handsome man in the photo. “
  • “Photos of two legends in different spheres. ยป

We love to see this kind of incredible meetings!


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