A Participant in a Korean Dating Show Was Praised For Confessing Her Feelings to Another Participant


The dating program “Love Alarm: Clap Clap Clap!” attracted the attention of viewers during its first release.

The first issue, released in December 2022, attracted attention because it featured a bisexual contestant from South Korea for the first time.

The reality show follows the premise of a webtoon and drama set in a world where a dating app called “Love Alarm” has been developed that tells users if someone within 10 yards has romantic feelings for them.

In a reality show, participants can choose two users they have feelings for in their “Love Alarm” app.

On January 20, the 11th edition of the show was released, which touched many viewers.

One of the contestants, a White Rose, stood in front of the others, waiting to see if anyone would choose her for a date.

The situation seemed a bit tense as no one seemed to move towards the White Rose. But suddenly another participant, Jasmine, stood up, showing that she wanted to go on a date with a White Rose.

This surprised many, because before that Jasmine went on dates only with male participants. What was even more surprising happened next.

In the show, the couples who matched had to use their tokens (hearts) for a date, but the contestant with the most hearts wins, so they have to be wise when spending their hearts. White Rose surprised everyone by spending her 7 hearts on Jasmine.

This moment earned the praise of netizens who were proud that Jasmine confidently confessed her feelings to another participant of the TV show.

Hong Suk Chun, the most famous openly gay celebrity in Korea, shed tears watching the two openly demonstrate their affection for each other in the show.

This is the first time in the history of a Korean reality show in which a woman loves another woman.


A very beautiful TV moment that we hope will help open our eyes to more LGBTQ+ content in South Korea.


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