A parrot interrupts a football match for the Brazilian team.


A training session for the Brazilian soccer team was interrupted because a parrot flew onto the field and landed on the head of a player.

Bruna Benites, a player for the national team, posted a video on her Instagram showing that Saturday’s practice was interrupted by the bird, which landed on Benites’ head before flying across the field and landing again in a goal.

“I will take advantage of what happened today to remember that, being from Mato Grosso, I cannot hide my feeling of deep sadness for everything that is happening in the Pantanal,” wrote Benites.

“Thousands of animals are losing their lives due to the fires and if this continues, (rare) moments like the ones you see in this video will be impossible to see. Let’s be aware. Let us take care of our greatest heritage, which is nature, ”said the publication.

Benites later explained that the parrot lives with a family in Rio de Janeiro and that the bird can fly free because it is domesticated and always returns home. She said the bird frequently visits the soccer field, but was able to “see things from a different angle” at practice Saturday.


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