A parody role-playing game “Another fantasy title” has been announced


The developer of Atomic Wolf and the publisher of Games Operators (the publisher of Rustler [aka Grand Theft Horse], a medieval parody of GTA 1 and 2 with a view from above) are developing another parody of a familiar genre. Yet Another Fantasy Title, as the name suggests, is a fantasy game. This is a role-playing game with a top view and an open world. Check out the announcing trailer above and check out the first screenshots in the gallery below.

You play as a criminal who “usually becomes the prey of the main character in some side quest,” as the Atomic Wolf team describes it. Instead, you killed the savior of the kingdom and stole his unicorn. An adventure is happening. Yet Another Fantasy Title promises parody versions of all the familiar tropes of the action-RPG fantasy genre with an open world, such as many side quests, a comprehensive plot, magic, 15 different medieval weapons such as swords and bows, and vehicles in the form of unicorns. , horses, donkeys and wolves.

Another fantasy title — Screenshots

And yes, of course, there is also a dragon that needs to be killed. Yet Another Fantasy Title is in development for PC. Add it to your Steam wish list.

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