A New Video Editing Tool Comes to Windows 10


A new one can be added to the tools that come with updates to Windows 10. With this tool, it is possible to do simple video editing and gif editing.

Currently, Windows 10 users can record videos with a new feature available through the Xbox app. In this way, users can video their activities in applications or games step by step. As a result, it becomes easier to make videos and gifs.

Microsoft is now working on a video editing application for Windows 10, which we can call a lighter weight. With the tool expected to be included in the new update, it will be possible to cut videos, edit them simply or create gifs.

Windows 10 gets even richer

Microsoft had unplugged many old programs in Windows 10. We would even say goodbye to Paint if it hadn’t been intense from customers. Among the programs that disappeared were video editing and screen recording programs.

With the new PowerToys update, there will finally be a video and gif recording / editing application in Windows 10. The interface of this tool is quite simple and will look similar to the examples we’ve seen before. Its use will not be much different from the usual programs.

Thanks to the new tool, users will also record images of their own desktops and applications. In addition, GIF can be created through the application. At least for now, it will not be possible to make GIFs from videos.

Video editing app is coming

Microsoft will also offer an editing tool for editing the duration and display of videos and GIFs. It will be possible to use the feature called “Video GIF Capture” by pressing Windows + Shift + R keys.

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