A new update has been released for Horizon Zero Dawn


Horizon Zero Dawn, which made its PC debut on Friday, August 8, excited users. Many people who downloaded the game with great hopes were disappointed after the errors they encountered. Users who encountered many problems such as saving, crashing, freezing and low optimization reported this to producer Guerrilla Games. Now, the producer has released a new update for Horizon Zero Dawn.

In line with the problems stated by the producer, we can say that the game needs at least 1 more update.

An update that fixes bugs has been released for the Horizon Zero Dawn PC version

Horizon Zero Dawn, which made its debut for the PC with great anticipation, also hosted many mistakes. The producer company Guerrilla Games, aware of these errors, released the 1.01 version on August 14. Today, with the announcement of the company on Steam, it was announced that version 1.02 was released.

Issues fixed by the released update:

  • Fixed the not enough disk space error on the Optimization screen. The crash of the games of the users who updated the graphics card after Optimizing the Horizon has been fixed.
  • The crash that occurred due to an incorrect typing error on the RAM has been fixed.
  • The game due to some players removing the texture flow (texture unstreaming) Crash error received during automatic recording has been improved.
  • The game will be saved automatically after each mission is finished.
  • Fixed the issue of V-sync not closing.
  • Unsynchronized facial animations due to 30 FPS limitation were fixed.
  • Memory usage for shadows was reduced. Crashing screens were improved.
  • After each crash or crash, instant messaging option with customer service has been added. Diagnostic data collected while sending crash report has been improved.
  • While the update released for Horizon Zero Dawn fixes some bugs, improvements have been made to the overall performance of the game.
  • In addition to these, the producer of the game stated that they are aware of some ongoing problems and that they are working on these problems.
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