A new update has arrived for Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams has released an update that will prevent users from being disturbed. This changes the notification system.


With the new update coming to Microsoft Teams, the discomfort of successive notifications is left behind. The video conferencing service offers new settings in both Teams and Microsoft Outlook e-mail service to make users less affected by mobile notifications.

Microsoft Teams introduces notification mute option with new update

According to Microsoft 365’s roadmap, new quiet time settings help preserve your personal time. It is anticipated that this will provide a less stressful use for users. The update comes as part of the Microsoft Viva platform, which helps improve the all-round employee experience for customers.

The Viva Insights service, which will be available later in 2021, will soon have the option to mute mobile notifications from Outlook and Teams outside of working hours. Users will also be able to set specific quiet periods directly in Teams and the email service.

Feature works compatible with Windows notification system

Considering how many users currently support the hybrid work environment, the innovation is lifesaving. The update comes as Microsoft’s latest addition to make Teams an ideal hybrid workspace. The company recently rolled out a similar update that gave users more control over the way they receive notifications.

Users can now receive a message notification from within Teams or from the native Windows system. It also works with Microsoft’s focus assist mode to prevent distraction. This feature is built into Windows 10 and allows users to control the types of notifications they receive.

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