A new trailer for the film has been released, which will tell about the life of Neset Ertash on the 10th anniversary of his death


The second trailer of the film “Garip Bulbul Neshet Ertash” has also arrived, which will tell about the life of Neshet Ertash, one of the important figures of Turkish music.
Neshet Ertas, one of the most important figures of Turkish folk music, died in 2012 while being treated for prostate cancer. After the death of the famous poet, Erol Parlak wrote a two-volume work called “Garip Bulbul Neshet Ertash“.

The story of the Ertash family will be presented on the big screen in the film of the same name, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the death of the great master. Although the second trailer of the film was released today, we saw that many important moments from the poet’s life, which passed with difficulty, were included in the film.

The trailer also raises expectations for the film.

Mustafa Uslu, who was also the producer of the film “Muslyum and Ayla”, which tells about the life of another legendary musician, Muslyum Gyurses, also acts as a producer in this film. Omer Farouk Sorak in the director’s chair.

Ertash’s family appealed to the court on the grounds that Erol Parlak’s book was written against the will of Neshet Ertash, and demanded not to make the film, but the court rejected this petition. Nevertheless, there is interest in the film.

Strange trailer Bülbül Neset Ertaş:

The cast of the film includes such names as Ramadan Baggul, Bektash Dolu and Zara. Bektash Dolu, who will sing folk songs, Bears Ertash, attracted attention as a performer of folk music, who took the great bard as an example.

Neshet Ertash, who signed many records and cassettes during his life, used the pseudonym “Garip” in his poems. The premiere of the film, which was supposed to take place at the Kirshehir stadium, did not take place on the anniversary of Ertash’s death, but came out with a new trailer. The release date of the film is December 23, 2022.


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