A new tip for Microsoft’s expected Xbox Series S console


It is said that Microsoft will show a second next generation Xbox game console this month. This console, which will have a cheaper price, may also be called Xbox Series S.

The Verge site has reached photos of Microsoft’s next generation Xbox controller. In these photos, the Xbox Series S console is mentioned in the package of the white remote. A Twitter user named Zak S also stated that he bought this remote. In this way, it is verified that the photos are real.

The new remote is on sale at a discount site. Looking at what is written on the side of the package, it seems that this controller works with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. Microsoft has not yet officially announced the Xbox Series S. It did not even confirm the existence of the white Xbox Series X controller.

The mysterious white Xbox Series X controller was spotted on the internet last month. A new D-Pad, textured trigger keys and a new share button were among the highlights. This latest leak overlaps with the previous controller leak. The product package also shows that this remote will be available in stores very soon.

Microsoft'un beklenen Xbox Series S konsolu için yeni bir ipucu

The Xbox Series S will be Microsoft’s second and cheaper next-generation Xbox console. This product is called internally by the code name Lockhart. A Microsoft document leaked last June sheds light on the company’s plans for two next-generation consoles. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X developer toolkit, codenamed “Dante,” will allow game developers to turn on a custom Lockhart mode. In this way, the performance profile that Microsoft wants to access with its second console will be reached.

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The console, codenamed Lockhart, is said to have 7.5 GB of available RAM, around 4 teraflops of GPU performance, and the same CPU as the Xbox Series X. It is said that Microsoft will show the Xbox Series S in August. This console will also form a key part of the company’s plan to offer the Xbox console bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass) for a monthly fee.


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