A New Stablecoin and CBDC Statement From Britain


A new statement came from the UK about fixedcoin and CBDC research. British Treasury Chancellor Rushi Altar said that new technologies such as fixedcoin and digital central bank coins will change the monetary system, paving the way for easier and faster payments.

Rishi Altar, UK Treasury Chancellor, gave information about Stablecoin and CBDC research. The altar spoke about the treasury’s plans to increase dynamism, transparency and competitiveness in financial services. The Chancellor expressed his hope that the UK will lead globally in new technologies such as fixedcoin and digital central bank coins:

“We are opening a brand new page in the history of financial services and renewing Britain’s position as the world’s leading financial center. By making as many decisions as possible without the influence of the European Union, we are doing the right thing for the UK and providing stability to companies. Our plans will enable the UK to progress as an open, attractive and well-regulated market. We will continue to lead the world in new technologies. ”

UK’s fixedcoin and CBDC studies continue

In Cointelegraph’s report, it was stated that the statements made by the chancellor revealed that the Bank of England and the treasury were conducting CBDC research. It is said that this announcement draws a very balanced and stable picture about the growing fixedcoin sector.

In the speech of Altar, it was stated that Britain’s desire to lead the world financial system enabled it to adopt new technologies such as fixedcoin and CBDC and accelerate its work. He also voiced that there has been talk about a new approach and regulation by the government to fixedcoin initiatives in order to take advantage of the potential benefits of fixedcoins and to meet the minimum standards expected from payment methods. Rishi Sunak also shared that CBDC studies of the Bank of England and the Treasury Department are welcomed.


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