A new search feature for Instagram users


Instagram has finally released the search by keyword feature that many users have been waiting for. Until now, the way to find a photo or video on Instagram was to search for a username, tag or place. However, now another option is offered with the keyword search feature. English users of Instagram will benefit from this feature first.

No information was given about which algorithms are the basis of this new feature. No information was shared about which contents will be shown in what order in the results. The company stated that only factors such as content type, caption, and time of sharing can be evaluated.

Machine learning technology is at the heart of this feature of Instagram. The social network will display the keyword search results in a grid view.

Instagram will offer the keyword search feature on a limited scale as we mentioned earlier. Users will be able to search by keywords within the framework of general interests in the first place. However, these words should not violate Instagram’s rules.

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