A New Radio Technology Based on Artificial Intelligence Can Broadcast Music, DJs and Find Local News.


A new type of radio technology, controlled by artificial intelligence, has been launched, which allows you to find local news, broadcast voices and music, as well as create messages on social networks.

Created by an American company, RadioGPT uses the same technology as ChatGPT — a recent phenomenon that allows users to create human text using artificial intelligence.

As the name suggests, the latest development allows users to reproduce almost all the functions of radio broadcasting completely using AI.

According to Futuri, the company behind the launch, RadioGPT can act as a DJ, broadcast music and even play the voices of the presenters in real time. In addition, it can also receive information and news from local areas, which means that they can be completely localized in the place where they are broadcast.

“[RadioGPT] opens up resources for [broadcasters] to deepen their important benefits at home in new and unique ways,” Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig said.

“With RadioGPT, the possibilities are endless. With RadioGPT, there should never again be a “liner card” or an “aviation shift for cleaners only”. Now everyone can be alive and local.”

As for how it works, the technology allows users to choose from a variety of AI-generated voices, or even train the AI system to reproduce the voice of already existing hosts. From there, he develops scripts and carefully scans social networks to find popular songs and topics for discussion.

In addition, the development can generate social media posts, short videos and blogs on websites to promote radio broadcasts. Learn more about RadioGPT and see examples of AI-controlled radio broadcasts on the Futuri website.

Earlier this year, Nick Cave spoke out against the RadioGPT and ChatGPT technology used for songwriting, calling it a “grotesque mockery” of “what it means to be human.”

“Since its launch in November last year, many people, most of whom are buzzing with a kind of algorithmic thrill, have sent me songs “in the style of Nick Cave” created by ChatGPT… Suffice it to say that I don’t feel such enthusiasm about this technology. ,” he said.

“The songs arise from suffering, by which I mean that they are based on a complex inner human struggle for creativity, and, as far as I know, algorithms do not feel. The data doesn’t suffer.”


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