A new poster for The Matrix: Resurrections has been released!


A new poster has been released for The Matrix Resurrections, which will bring the Matrix story back to the big screen after 18 years.

It’s almost a month left for the new The Matrix movie that some of us have been waiting for years. The Matrix: Resurrections, which will bring a series back to the big screen after 18 years, is awaited by millions of fans. In September, the name of the movie was announced and the first trailer was released. Although those who are not satisfied with the first trailer wait for the second trailer, it seems that we will only be content with the poster.

While waiting for the trailer for The Matrix: Resurrections, the poster came out

The Matrix series is a special production for the cinema world. This production, which sets an example for the cinema industry in all aspects, will be in cinemas on December 22. It has also been announced that the movie will air on HBO Max on the day it hits theaters.

We were actually thinking that a new trailer from the movie would be released these days. But right now, we’re only dealing with one poster. It is not even certain whether a trailer will come in the coming days. At least the new poster doesn’t look bad, we see the lead characters in the movie.

Lana Wachowski, one of the directors of the Matrix trilogy, is in the director’s chair of this movie. Again, Keanu Reeves and Carie-Anne Moss, whom we know from the trilogy, continue to give life to the characters of Neo and Trinity in this movie. The character of Morpheus is played by another actor, even though he is in the movie. This is a detail that strengthens the theory that we will see the younger version of Morpheus in the movie.

The Matrix: Resurrections

It’s sure to be a different experience to watch a new The Matrix movie after 18 years. Because we met with this series in 1999 and it was shot with the science-fiction possibilities of that period. The fact that today’s cinema is highly advanced in key elements such as visual effects will offer us a new Matrix experience.

What are your expectations from The Matrix: Resurrections?