A new phone with 108 MP camera is coming from Xiaomi


The news about two affordable Xiaomi phones, one with a 64 MP camera and the other a 108 MP camera, came to the fore in July. However, there has been no leak regarding the phones in question since that day. This situation changes with a post on China’s popular social network Weibo.

It is possible to see the code names of these two phones in the leak in question. In addition, the model number of the phone with 108 MP camera is also revealed thanks to this leak.

The codenames of the phones are Gauguin and Gauguin Pro. It is stated that Gauguin Pro is the version with 108 MP camera. The non-Pro version has a 64 MP main camera.

The Gauguin Pro is claimed to be the most affordable phone with a 108 MP camera. This strengthens the possibility of Xiaomi launching the phone under the Redmi brand. Therefore, it seems highly likely that the standard Gauguin will also carry the Redmi brand.

Details of the new Xiaomi phone that will carry a 108 MP camera are limited for now. However, it will not be a surprise to encounter new information in the coming days.


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