A new patent from Microsoft that will radically change the mouse tradition!


Software giant Microsoft has applied for a new patent that will radically change the mouse tradition. Here are the details..


In the development of technology, the share of patents taken by companies in this field is quite large. Many technologies such as foldable phones and under-screen cameras, which have been extremely popular recently, are the result of patents obtained in the past.

In this direction, Microsoft, which has been on the agenda with the Windows 11 operating system for a long time, continues to work to take the technologies it contains to the next level. The company has recently been working on an interesting product that will revolutionize the mouse tradition.

Microsoft working on foldable mouse

Taking action after the popularity of foldable phones has increased in recent years, Microsoft has focused on this technology and started working on a foldable mouse that may be in high demand in the future. The new patent, which the company applied for on March 30, 2021, was officially published on November 4, 2021.

If we take a look at the content of the patent, we come across a mouse that is very similar to the currently used Microsoft ARC Mouse, which can be folded inwards thanks to the folding mechanism it contains. Thus, a useful product that can be carried easily and saves space emerges.

Microsoft foldable mouse
In addition, the patent description does not contain any details about the scroll wheel used in the current ARC Mouse models. At this point, the mouse may not have a scroll wheel at launch. In the exterior design of the product, not much differences are expected compared to the old models.

Finally, it should be noted that the patent in question is under review and has not yet been approved. However, according to the emerging reports, Microsoft, which is very determined about this issue, can meet users with a foldable mouse, which will be very popular as in foldable phones in the future.

So what do you think about this subject? Can the mouse models that we have used for years and come up with with a certain design, come with a foldable design under the leadership of Microsoft after a certain period of time? You can share your views with us in the comments section.