A New One Can Be Added To Coronavirus Symptoms


In the article published in a leading medical journal, it was stated that a new one could be added among the symptoms of coronavirus. Continuous hiccups can also be one of the symptoms of coronavirus, according to the article.

The fight against the coronavirus, which infects about 20 million people worldwide and causes 727 thousand people to die, still continues. Scientists are trying to get to know the virus better while doing vaccine and drug studies on the one hand.

Until now, symptoms of COVID-19 disease caused by the virus include fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, diarrhea, loss of taste and smell, headache. However, with a new research, it was stated that a new one could be added among them.

Is hiccups the new symptom of coronavirus?

In the article published in the leading medical journal, The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, it was stated that a new one may have been added to the symptoms of coronavirus: hiccups.

According to the news reported by the Spokesperson, it was mentioned in the article that a 62-year-old man living in Chicago hiccuped for four days and this continued intermittently. The man, who was stated to have no symptoms, “had a fever of 37.3 degrees when his fever was measured. But the situation emerged when he was taken to the hospital and the tests deepened. The coronavirus test was positive and the capacity of his lungs was also reduced. The fever of the man later increased to 38.4.”

Speaking about the incident, Cook County Hospital doctors stated that hiccups that do not go away for days should not be ignored. Stating that many cases occur without symptoms, doctors said that different symptoms should be looked at in COVID-19 patients.

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Scientists working on coronavirus continue to work on both getting to know the virus better and developing an effective drug and vaccine against the virus. With each study carried out, more is learned about this virus.


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