A New Method for Safe Storage of Hydrogen


Scientists in Russia have created an experimental device to safely store hydrogen, one of the most powerful energy stocks in the universe. This device manages to store hydrogen in a solid way.

The element with the highest amount in the entire universe is hydrogen. Hydrogen, which makes up 99.9 percent of all matter in the universe, together with helium, can be considered as an essentially flammable gas, an extremely light gas that we can use instead of fossil fuels. This hydrogen was stored with an experimental device specially developed by scientists at the National Nuclear Research University MEPhl (UNAÜ MEPhl) in Russia.

According to the press office of the university, thanks to this storage system, which is unique in the world, hydrogen is filled into solid state hydrogen storage units in an extremely safe and efficient manner. Hydrogen, one of the most important elements among alternative energies, is used as a fuel cell in giant stars because its atomic number is only “1”.

Hydrogen, an almost inexhaustible unit of energy

If we can safely store this ubiquitous element, we can use it in many areas from power plants to the fuel of our cars. According to the scientists who conducted the research, hydrogen, one of the alternative energies, stands out as an almost inexhaustible energy unit. The safest formula for storing hydrogen is not in the form of an explosive gas, but as a solid substance as metal hydride.

The method of solid storage of hydrogen is used all over the world. Modern solid-state storage units generally use micronized metal powders, but instead of these powders, strip storage units made of super thin metal films may be a better solution, according to UNAÜ MEPhl experts. In order to develop this production technology, a multi-functional electrophysical device was developed at the university, which is unique in the world.

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Professor of UNAÜ MEPhl LaPlas Institute. “Solid-state storage units in general, and strip storage units in particular, are a new and rapidly developing area,” says Aleksandr Pisarev. Our device allows a comprehensive study of the behavior of hydrogen in metal films, including the thermal desorption properties of hydrogen, as well as the study of films with different compositions and analysis of the dependence of their properties on the parameters of the production process. “Unlike similar ones, our system allows full control of all the conditions of the process, which helps to select the most suitable materials and processing modes.”

Today, scientists are looking for important energy sources to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Although renewable energy sources such as the sun and wind come first among these energy sources, studies on elements such as hydrogen are also among the studies that can reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.


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