A new measure from Apple to protect iPhone batteries!


Along with the new iPhone 14 models, Apple also introduced the iOS 16 operating system. The new operating system has also brought some problems to the phones. With various updates, Apple is slowly trying to solve these problems.

What is the charging standby alert?

With these updates, the company has added a “waiting for charging” warning for iPhone models in iOS 16. So, what does this warning mean and what should you do if you encounter this warning? In certain situations, a new “Waiting for Payment” warning appears, introduced in iOS 16.

When iPhone models overheat while charging, the phone issues this warning and pauses the charging process to protect the battery. This warning may appear as a result of the phone being in the sun or in a hot place. Devices that are already heating up during charging may become even hotter due to such external factors.

Apple has not provided any details about this bug notification. The company is content with this warning with the statement that “charging will continue when the temperature of the iPhone returns to normal.” So in this case, the user does not have much choice.

Steps to follow to cool your phone

Ignoring the notification and continuing to use and charge the phone is an option, but this action will cause some damage to your phone. Over time, your battery will fail due to overheating. So you can take various steps to cool down your phone. We can list these steps as follows:

Stop all apps, especially those that use mobile data
Reduce the brightness or use auto brightness
Turn on the low power mode
Put your iPhone into airplane mode
Turn off the iPhone completely

In addition to such measures, we recommend that you check whether your phone is updated. Apple recommends that you always run the latest software update for optimal battery health on your iPhone and other devices. So, what do you think about the “waiting for conditioning” warning that is issued by iPhone models? You can share your opinion with us in the comments section.


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